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Providing a cost effective service using our 5 state of the art surface mount lines.

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Turnkey Electronics Manufacturing In Australia

Our Seven state-of-the-art surface mount lines are capable of placing SMT components with an accuracy of 0.1mm with vision and laser centering.

We utilise Juki SMT equipment with the capacity to place components at a rate of 130,000 components per hour, with components ranging from 0201 resistors through to complex BGAs, uBGAs, LGAs, QFN and QFP packages.

Our facility also has full BGA placement capabilities from prototyping to volume production.

We can rework BGA with Metcal inspection/rework equipment that provides visibility underneath the BGA, and Xray equipment confirming oven profiles for production runs and revealing placement issues for repairs. Further inspection is available for production runs with our two AOI inspection systems.

With the sourcing of all materials and utilising our in house production facility Wavetronics offers full turnkey Electronics manufacturing in Australia.

Full turnkey assembly

  Long established supplier relationships who understand our business enables us to provide full product builds for our clients, cost-effectively and efficiently.

  Wavetronics created the turnkey product that served as the audio/visual mixing console for the revolutionary film, The Matrix, in 1999.